• Thước cặp đồng hồ Asimeto 300-11-0

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    Thước cặp đồng hồ Asimeto được sản xuất theo công nghệ Đức,bảo hành 12 tháng ,giá cực tốt

Universal Caliper Accessory Kit 300

  • The original caliper jaw attachment accessory.
  • The square bodies attach to the jaws of any 4", 6", 8" Caliper. Threaded holes are located in the front, both sides, and the bottoms of the bodies, allowing the use of the points on any side.
  • Measures slots, grooves, shoulders, holes, pockets, and takes ID and OD measurements.
  • Steel, Black Oxide finish


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Universal Caliper Accessory Kit 300-11-0