• Thước cặp điện tử Asimeto 328-06-0

    Code: #328-06-0

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Digital Gear Tooth Calipers 328

  • Resolution: .0005" / 0.01mm
  • Measures the chordal gear tooth thickness at the chordal addendum (pitch circle)
  • Inch/Metric conversion
  • Zero-setting at any position
  • SR44 Battery 2 pcs
  • Warranty card, Instruction manual, Calibration certificate
  • Packaging: Wooden case


Range Accuracy L1 L2 a b d1 d2 Code
M1-25 ±0.03 166mm 166mm 30.5mm 21mm 13mm 13mm 328-06-0
M5-50 ±0.03 166mm 166mm 30.5mm 21mm 13mm 13mm 328-06-2