• Thước cặp cơ khí Asimeto 302-12-2

    Code: #302-12-2

    Trạng thái:

    Giá: Liên hệ

    Thước cặp cơ khí Asimeto được sản xuất theo công nghệ Đức,bảo hành 12 tháng ,giá cực tốt

  • Graduation:
    Inch: .001"
    Metric: 0.02mm or 0.05mm
  • With upper knife-edge for external diameter measurement
  • With fine adjustment carriage to feed the slider finely
  • Stainless steel
  • Models available with an assortment of Metric/Inch scale configurations
  • Internal measurement jaws are rounded to provide accurate measurement of internal diameters with minimum internal measuring capability of 20mm
  • Warranty card, Instruction manual, Calibration certificate
  • Packaging: Wooden case


Range Graduation Accuracy Jaw Length Code
0-300mm 0.02mm ±0.04mm 56mm+100mm 302-12-0
0-300mm 0.05mm ±0.08mm 56mm+100mm 302-12-2
0-500mm 0.02mm ±0.05mm 67mm+150mm 302-20-0
0-500mm 0.05mm ±0.08mm 67mm+150mm 302-20-2
0-800mm 0.02mm ±0.07mm 67mm+150mm 302-32-0
0-800mm 0.05mm ±0.10mm 67mm+150mm 302-32-2
0-1000mm 0.02mm ±0.07mm 67mm+150mm 302-40-0
0-1000mm 0.05mm ±0.10mm 67mm+150mm 302-40-2


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