• Thước cặp đồng hồ Asimeto 403-31-1

    Code: #403-31-1

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    Giá:: Liên hệ

    Thước cặp đồng hồ Asimeto được sản xuất theo công nghệ Đức,bảo hành 12 tháng ,giá cực tốt

Internal Dial Caliper Gauges 403

  • Graduation: .001" / 0.025mm.
  • For checking internal bores, recess diameters, etc.
  • Highly recommended for quick ID comparisons.
  • Gauge has a movement of 1" (25 mm).
  • Can be set with a micrometer or ring gauge.
  • Bezel rotates for zero setting.
  • Button for closing arms. Arms automatically open when button is released..
  • Unit is spring-loaded and makes point contact at constant measuring pressure.
  • Arms have 0.06" diameter measuring tips.
  • Revolution counter.
  • S-wrench
  • Warranty card, Calibration certificate



Range Accuracy Code
10-35mm ±0.05mm 403-31-0
20-45mm ±0.05mm 403-32-0
30-55mm ±0.05mm 403-33-0
40-65mm ±0.05mm 403-34-0
50-75mm ±0.08mm 403-35-0
60-85mm ±0.08mm 403-36-0
75-100mm ±0.08mm 403-37-0
85-110mm ±0.08mm 403-38-0
95-120mm ±0.1mm 403-39-0
100-125mm ±0.1mm 403-40-0


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