• Kính hiển vi ST 40

    Code: #642-01-2

    Trạng thái:

    Giá: Liên hệ

    Thiết bị quang học Asimeto được sản xuất theo công nghệ Đức,bảo hành 12 tháng ,giá cực tốt

    Hotline: 0987818851

  • Sharp stereo erect image over a wide field of view
  • Binocular Tube. 45° inclined binocular head with locked-in eyepiece. The left ocular-tube with diopter adjustment ±5dp, The interpupillary distance is between 55-75mm
  • Pillar style stand
  • Packaging: Foam box plus carton box
  • Eyepiece 1 pair, Eyepiece cover 1 pair, Lamp, Glass stage, Power wire, Instruction manual


Magnification Field of View Working Distance Eyepiece Objective Illumination System Code
20X / 40X 10mm / 5mm 76mm WF10X 2X / 4X 12V/10W double-lighting 642-01-2
40X / 80X 6.5mm / 3.2mm 76mm WF20X 2X / 4X 12V/10W double-lighting 642-03-2


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